Why AEA?

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We recognize the need to raise the bar on renewable energy by providing customers with one-stop, turn-key solutions for all their renewable energy needs ,making wind and solar a regular part of home ownership.

Our goal is to save you time, money and hassle as you look to realize energy savings and a reduction in your carbon footprint. A major aspect of realizing this high level of service involves a solid relationship with qualified and experienced contractors.


AEA  provides professional site assessments equipping residential clients with the information they need to decide about the appropriateness of renewable energy at their particular site.

A complete site assessment includes examination of your current and future energy use, local utility rate structures, likely rate increases over time and the best location for a renewable installation. It then estimates how much power a product would generate at your site, its cost, the project timeline and how much you would save over the product’s life-cycle.

Please note: Larger projects, particularly those for commercial buildings, demand a more complex and detailed analysis—or, a feasibility Study.


AEA provides turn-key commercial and residential solutions for all your renewable energy project needs – including wind, solar and geo thermal.

From initial inquiry to project close-out, AEA gets your project done right.

We have professional staff, expertise and experience that is specific to alternative and renewable energy projects.

AEA provides you with a renewable system that is performance-ready for the long-term.

AEA maintains focused attention at detail at every step. This provides both our customers and ourselves with a clear guide to track a project’s growth, maturation and successful completion.

We measure success in moving toward a more sustainable energy future one project and, one step, at a time.

Step 1: Site Assessment

It all begins with understanding the possibilities and limitations of your particular site.

Step 2: Proposal

We then move on to specific products, costs and timelines.

Step 3: Permitting & Paperwork

Before work begins, it’s time to dot every  “i” and cross every “T”

Step 4: Engineering & Preparation

The step that sets AEA  head and shoulders above the rest.

Step # 5: Product Procurement & Scheduling

Often overlooked:  specifying product orders, knowing lead times and getting everything site-ready.

Step # 6: Installation

Get your camera and stand clear: professionals at work.

Step # 7 –Completion

We’re not done until you understand every aspect of your renewable installation.

We have extensive experience in renewables and use only the finest, industry leading parts and suppliers in our installations so you can be confident your project is at the forefront of the renewable energy industry.

AEA is committed to getting it right at the planning and implementation stages, saving you money on the cost of the project at the front end, before saving you more later, over the long-term, on your energy bills.

This is the Alternative Energy Advantage!


AEA will also provide a range of information and options for moving the project to the next stage, from understanding grants and governmental assistance programs, to names of local renewable companies, to explaining the steps and procedures necessary for a full-scale renewable installation.

Each client will receive a professional report detailing all findings of the assessment process.

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