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AEA strongly believes that judging projects—especially residential ones—solely as a “Return on Investment” (ROI) betrays a deeply flawed understanding of the value of renewable energy.

There are other, equally valid reasons our customers invest in wind and solar technologies. Among them:

  •  Promoting a sustainable lifestyle as a fundamental human principle
  •  Contributing to a healthier, more stable environment for future generations
  •  Realizing energy independence, price security and peace of mind
  •  Investing in local goods and services to strengthen the local economy
  •  Producing domestic energy to prevent dangerous resource conflicts abroad
  •  Reducing fossil fuel consumption to lessen the impact of future energy shocks.
  •  Enhancing their leadership image around “going green” and thereby enhancing the appeal of their organization or business


Security, independence, peace of mind, civic leadership, responsible life-choices, faith in local control, branding a business as environmentally aware—the rewards of investing in solar and wind are manifold and profound. They enrich us on a personal level, ethically and spiritually, even more than in dollars and cents.

That said, the economic benefits of renewable energy are real and continue to grow and expand as policymakers grapple with today’s environmental and energy realities. It is a fluid sector and public policy initiatives will continue to influence market conditions, for better or worse.

AEA (that’s us) is committed to securing you every economic benefit, rebate and tax credit as you move forward with your investment in renewable energy.

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