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 Solar Lease Program


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The Sunlight Advantage Program

With The Sunlight Advantage, you can get solar panels on your roof and save on your Electric bill every month

with no out of pocket cost !


Residential Solar Lease Program is Easy and Affordable!

We Handle Everything Under the Sun—You Get the Savings!!

Have you looked into solar energy, but were discouraged by the high cost? Look no further Alternative Energy Solutions now offers The Sunlight Advantage from NJR Clean Energy Ventures (NJR). With our exciting solar lease program you’ll get all the benefits of solar energy without an expensive upfront investment.

Our solar lease includes:

  • No down payment
  • No upfront or installation costs
  • Fixed monthly payments for the life of the lease
  • All maintenance and repairs

While purchasing solar panels can typically cost tens of thousands of dollars, with The Sunlight Advantage homeowners will pay approximately $59 per month for a typical 6 kilowatt (kW) system over a 20-year period. That monthly rate is fixed over the life of the lease and includes all installation and maintenance costs.

Customers begin to realize savings immediately following the activation of the interconnect switch on their system to their utility’s meter. This solar technology is estimated to save homeowners an average of $100 per month for a 6kW system based on today’s electric prices and typical homeowner electricity consumption. Savings will increase over time if electricity prices increase over the next 20 years. Possible savings on electric costs can add up to $20,000 over the life of the lease — all while generating clean, reliable power for your home!

Best of all, we’ll take care of the whole process. NJR will team up with Alternative Energy Solutions one of our experienced installation partners to build and install a solar system on your roof. They will complete all the paperwork and obtain the necessary permits. Once the system is installed, you won’t have to worry about a thing because maintenance and repairs are included in your lease. Now that’s solar made simple!

To be eligible for The Sunlight Advantage you must own your home and your roof:

  • should be no more than five years old so that the life of the lease coincides with the expected life of the roof. If your roof is more than five years old then the term of the lease should coincide with the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • has ample roof surface facing south to draw maximum exposure from the sun (east to west exposures may be eligible).
  • is clear of shading from trees or other structures.